Today is December 17th – only a week or so until Christmas and before you know it, 2014 is here.

If you have a lawn mowing service or one of the services your company offers is lawn mowing, now is as good a time as any to evaluate your pricing.

Sit down – alone or with crew members – and really determine the amount of time spent from “ignition off to ignition on” at each lawn mowing service property. This means from the time you pull up and turn the truck “ignition off” to getting out of the truck, mowing the lawn, getting all the equipment back on the truck and trailer, back in the truck and then turn the “ignition on”.

Try to be as precise as possible. If you have been timing yourself and your crews, even better. Every minute counts.

If you have subscribed to The Lawn Letter at http://www.thelawnletter.com you will have determined your hourly rate by using the “Hourly Rate Calculator”.

If you know you need to charge $38 per man per hour, do the math. If it takes 25 minutes (ignition off to ignition on) at the Smith residence with 2 people, then your price should be $31.92 to mow that lawn. If you are currently charging $25 to mow that lawn you are losing $221.44 on 32 service trips per year. If you have 150 clients and are losing an average of $221.44 per client, that is $33,216 you are missing out on by not charging what you should be.


If your lawn mowing service prices are not where they need to be, get it handled – and do it now. Your business depends on it.