I receive emails and phone calls every single day from lawn and landscape business owners who need help with their business. I enjoy it. The conversations are great. The people are great.

Of all the conversations I have had, never once has a business owner said the following to me:

“Sean, I am really good at running my business. I know everything there is to know about managing and growing a business. Where I really need help is me and my emplyees are terrible when it comes to actually doing the work.”


It’s always the exact opposite. Most business owners in this industry are very good at what they do – mowing lawns, installing pnds, building walls, designing a lighting concept, etc, etc, etc.

So for this blog post, let’s just assume that it is a given that you are very good at what you do out in the field. Where most business owners struggle is in the following areas:

1.) Knowing their numbers

2.) Estimating

3.) Employees

4.) Customers

5.) Marketing, Advertising & Sales

6.) Creating & Implementing Systems for the business

I promise you – if you can master these 6 areas your business will be exactly what you want it to be, no matter where you are located, no matter how bad the economy is or whatever other reason most people come up with as to why their business is doing well.

But here’s the catch….

You must understand that all 6 of these aspects of your business have to work in harmony. All 6 of these things must be done well. If you are really good at advertising, yes, you will get phone calls, but if you don’t know how to estimate, those ad dollars were wasted.

If you know your numbers and you know how to estimate but your employees work at a snails pace, guess what…. You have a big problem.

My point is simple – learn and understand and do your best to master these 6 things and the sky is the limit.